Club Song

Bride Rovers Abu

To tune of "Bold Thady Quill" Composed by Billy Barry for the 1932 winning team

Come, listen a while; I will tell you the story
Of heroes and hurlers well tested and tried,
Of a team from East Cork that's been covered with glory;
They come from the fair lands along by the Bride.
Right bravely they fought, all opponents defeating,
The big and the small ones, the old and the new.
So loudly we sing, with our hearts proudly beating,
The Rovers for ever, Bride Rovers Abu.

The Healys watched goal - and `twas safe in their keeping;
The Murphys and Hogan were well to thefore.
O'Leary and Shea were the scores ever heaping;
The Barrys and Ryans sent in more and more.
Hanan, Daly and Leahy kept pressure unending;
Ned Hoskins, our captain, no ball could get through;
Yes; here was a team, gallant, bold and unbending,
The dauntless young Rovers - Bride Rovers abu.

Three years in succession the tale we repeated;
In Midleton town in each final we fought.
And now once again - all opponents defeated;
We've gained the prized laurels, so eagerly sought.
Great sporting tradition from sires we inherit;
Rathcormac has reared men - and Bartlemy too.
Whose feats oft the crown of the victor did merit.
Their deeds now inspire us; Bride Rovers abu.

Yes, we play the game as true sportsmen should play it;
To temper or rashness not lightly we yield.
We give knocks and take them but none can gainsay it;
We're manly, straightforward, and fair on the field.
And again the bright mantle of victory is o'er us;
We are champions once more in 1932;
So now, one and all, let us join in the chorus,
The Rovers for ever; Bride Rovers abu.

Billy Barry 


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